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BioBelt Anti-Mosquito devices are popular all over the Mediterranean, in France, Corsica, Italy, Spain, Ibiza and the Caribbean.

Exceptional properties

Platja d'Aro

Located in the beautiful seaside region of the Costa Brava, the superb Platja d'Aro estate overlooks the sea. This exceptional property with Moorish architecture includes a huge garden of Mediterranean plants. For  completely effective mosquito protection, BioBelt has placed and subtly arranged 145 Modules in a “belt” all around the area. The Result: a “belt” of almost 800 meters and more than 5 hectares protected.

The Villas

Villa D.

With its terraces and plantations of silver olive trees, the Villa D. is one of the purest examples of traditional Provençal architecture. In the land of the violet, perched on the heights of Tourrette-sur-Loup and very close to the Vallée du Loup, the villa takes in the sun and the light.

The BioBelt team protected 0.17 hectares on the property thanks to a subtle and effective system of 27 Modules over a length of 148.5 meters.

Resorts / Residences

Champfleuri Residence

The Residence Champfleuri is an apartment building in the gardens of an ancient Villa, located in the very luxurious district of La Californie in Cannes. Benefiting from the prestigious label "Heritage of the XXth century" and protected as a Historical Monument for its sumptuous park, the entire Residence, and its many themed gardens required the installation of an effective mosquito control device both environment-friendly and capable of being totally forgotten. BioBelt was able to place a system of 115 Modules and protect more than 3 hectares in an almost invisible manner.

Hotels and Palaces

Le Mas de Pierre
Saint-Paul de Vence

A 5-star palace whose architecture remains faithful to the regional style, Le Mas de Pierre is one of the jewels of the French hotel group SFH, well-known for its hotels with strong character and borrowings from the local culture. Located in the beautiful village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence in the heart of a bucolic setting, the hotel adjoins a 3-hectare garden.Since 2017, the Mas de Pierre has been equipped with a BioBelt system, including 100 Modules, supplemented this year by 119 additional Modules.


Le Castellaras

Overlooking the Fayence Valley, the Le Castellaras restaurant is well-known for its exceptional cuisine and its extraordinary setting. With one star in the Michelin Guide, an excellent Chef awarded "Maître Restaurateur", a Quality Tourism label, and an international Clef Verte label, this essential location for gourmets and epicureans could not be considered without appropriate protection against mosquitoes. The 18 Modules of the BioBelt system fit perfectly into the landscape and form a "belt" with a length of 99 meters, enabling this exceptional place to remain so, no matter what the season is..

Health centers

University Hospital of Nice

The University Hospital of Nice is certified by the public health authority for the high quality of its care and the safety of its patients. In the middle of the health center, around the building of the Hematology Department of Archet 1, the BioBelt team set up a mosquito control device with a length of 363 meters and 66 Modules. With this optimal protection provided by BioBelt, the hospital takes a step further in its ELAN 2025 transformation plan aiming at an integrated approach of sustainable development and an eco-responsible culture for its future.

Authorities & Institutions

Ministry of State of Monaco

The Ministry of State of Monaco was designed by the architect M. Copello and was built on the site of the gardens of the leisure house that Princess Marie de Lorraine, wife of Prince Antoine I, had built in 1718. This historical place, called "The Desert" because the Princess liked to retire there, began its construction in 1892 and was officially inaugurated on 19 June 1894. The Ministry of State is not only a residence but also the official office of the Minister of State, his collaborators and the General Secretariat. In its gardens, the Ministry of State is home to "The Fountain of Birds", a poetic statue by the Belgian artist and sculptor Jean-Michel Folon. In order to protect this important part of the Principality of Monaco's historical heritage, and state institution, BioBelt surrounded the gardens and the historical building with a system of 16 Modules for a protected area of 600 m2.

Leisure Areas

Polygone Riviera Shopping Center

The Polygone Riviera Shopping Centre is an atypical place combining Californian inspiration in a nod to Sunset Boulevard and Mediterranean references. In this high-standard place of premium shopping, contemporary art, and entertainment located in Cagnes-sur-Mer, the protection of walkers was a sine qua non for the success of this unique leisure area. On the surroundings of a dense green setting with trees, designed by the landscape architect Jean Mus, BioBelt has installed an adapted device consisting of 252 Modules spread over three control rooms, and with a length of 1386 meters in total, to protect the entire walking area.

Events & Reception Areas

Gucci Fashion Show - Cruise 2019

In the heart of a 4th-century Roman cemetery, on the Promenade des Alyscamps in Arles, the prestigious Italian glamor label Gucci organized its Cruise fashion show in 2019. Lined with sumptuous ancient tombs covered in lichen, this open-air promenade was surrounded by a system of 62 BioBelt Modules encircling a total area of 0.92 hectares. The models from the Alessandro Michele Collection as well as the numerous guests were thus completely protected from the nuisance of mosquitoes throughout this exceptional event.