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Scientifically evaluated effectiveness against mosquitoes.

A scientific evaluation study conducted in 2016 by the Medical Entomology Department of the Nice University Hospital in partnership with the MIVEGEC Department of the IRD-CNRS in Montpellier highlighted the effectiveness of the BioBelt solution: a 50% reduction in the rate of bites in the protected area, and a gradual reduction to zero bites from the sixth week of using the device. This study was published in 2018 in the entomological journal Parasites & Vectors.
Tailor-made for each type of space and need, the BioBelt device takes the form of a belt of trap modules that act as lures for mosquitoes. Mimicking human respiration and the transmission of acids exhaled by its prey, the networked Trap Modules attract and capture mosquitoes through precise ratios of inter-trap distances and broadcast power, with a dual effect unique to the Trap Belt system: attacking the localized habitat and providing protection in the form of a barrier.
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