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A new alternative to insecticides.

The BioBelt mosquito repellent solution offers an effective response and an alternative to traditional insecticide treatment solutions, which are increasingly criticized for their negative impact on the ecosystem, their health risks and even their reduced effectiveness due to resistance.
The BioBelt device is designed to target only haematophagous insects (those seeking the blood of an animal or person), particularly mosquitoes: other useful garden insects such as butterflies, bees, bumblebees, ladybirds, etc. are not attracted by the same lures and their capture is rare and accidental!

The diffusion of the Carbon Dioxide decoy is very precisely adapted to the area to be protected. The quantity emitted is thus rigorously calibrated to maximise the elimination of mosquitoes and thus ensure the expected protection within the perimeter of the Belt by limiting the diffusion of Carbon Dioxide to what is strictly necessary. As an example, the Carbon Dioxide emitted by a BioBelt of 35 Trap Modules, allowing the protection of about 2500m2 of garden, is equivalent to the Carbon Dioxide exhaled by two adults, due to their breathing during the same period.
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