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BioBelt, your best ally against mosquitoes.

The story begins with his own experience, on the terrace of Dominique Hauptmann, founder of BioBelt: it is 2009 and tiger mosquitoes are beginning to sweep through the Côte d'Azur, including Saint-Paul de Vence where he lives. He decided, together with an engineer friend, Gérard Benbassat, who later became his partner in the company, to test most of the individual capture devices available on the international market, the first models of which date back to the 1990s in the USA. A series of experiments over two years enabled them to observe that the luring strategy adopted by these individual devices was effective, with more or less significant catch rates, depending on the model, confirming an observation already mentioned in a number of scientific articles. However, these analyses also confirm what some studies have already pointed out: when carbon dioxide is emitted, whether by breathing people or by a capture device, the call of the mosquitoes can carry up to 70 metres, in the form of corridors of carbon dioxide molecules transported by the movements of the air.
Very logically, when "molecule corridors" are parallel, mosquitoes travelling up one will not "diversions" through the other. So, if people are in the same garden as this capture device, their own attractiveness (through their breathing) will not be overpowered by the parallel attractiveness of the device. Thus, they can be bitten despite the presence of the device. This observation that these individual capture devices are useful (because they capture), but insufficient (because they cannot protect in all situations linked to the particularities of the site, air movements, etc.), led Dominique Hauptmann and Gérard Benbassat to imagine a solution that would really meet this protection challenge: a system of networking traps around a given surface! This was the origin of the BioBelt concept. It then took several years of development, fine-tuning and successive refinements to finalise the precise methods and ratios, at the origin of the patent and the growing success.

Our goal:

Guarantee the best efficiency of your protection, by defining the architecture of your Belt: the precise number and position of the Trap Modules, and their best aesthetic integration in your outdoor space.

Our service:

A transparent global contract including the price of the BioBelt equipment guaranteed for 5 years, the costs of installation of the belt, and the maintenance service and supply of consumables by our technical teams.

Our satisfaction guarantee:

BioBelt offers you a trial period for the first two seasons of use of your mosquito protection.

Sample budget:

The BioBelt system is suitable for the protection of medium and large areas, the reason is that to ensure the effectiveness of the protection it is essential to position the lines of Trap Modules at a certain distance from the living area. The minimum protected area is therefore approximately 500 m², bearing in mind that each project is tailor-made, taking into account the particularities of the property: topology of the land, vegetation, height of the buildings, etc.

As an indication, a protected area of approximately 500 m² corresponds to a protection of a dozen Trap-Modules for a budget of:
- 6000 €HT for the Equipment,
- 1200 €HT for its installation,
- 1500 €HT for the Service Contract / Seasonal Consumables
The budget for the Equipment item is very degressive, given the mutualisation of the Technical Control Unit controlling the system: each protection is equipped with a Programming Unit, our smart connected tool. BioBelt is thus able to protect very large areas. To date, the largest installation comprises 311 Trap Modules and covers some 8 hectares.